Customer comments - Updated 01/11/2020

Very pleased with the Flat cat items, it looks really good and my cat approves. We’ve tested it with open windows and it works beautifully.

MA. Isle of Wight

Flat Cats Window screens doing a great job in Isle of Wight

Dear Dominic, Just a line to say that I have now fitted all the screens to the windows and I am so impressed, they are amazing! I was able to fit them so easily and they are purrfect (excuse the pun). As you can see my little cat can now smell the outside world in total safety and I have piece of mind, thank you again for making this amazing product. I will be recommending you to all my friends. Please do feel free to use the above as part of customer reviews and for advertising. 

AW. Middlesex

Flat Cats Window screens doing a great job in Middlesex

The screens are on at last! Many thanks,

KB. London W6

Cat screen in London W6

Very pleased with the Flat cat items, it looks really good and my cat approves. We’ve tested it with open windows and it works beautifully.

MA. Sandown, Isle of Wight

Flat Cats Pet Screens keeping this customer happy in Sandown IOW

Hi, Dominic, Just to let you know that my FlatCats arrived this morning - and I had them installed by midday.  They're perfectly wonderful!  So easy to install!  As soon as one of my cats finds his or her way up to the window ledge, I shall get a picture of them.  The configuration of my conservatory is such that the photos I managed to take this afternoon don't show them off to best advantage.

MK. Banbury, Oxfordshire

Today I received my twin pack of standard window covers. I am so pleased that someone recommended your product on the Gransnet Forum, when I mentioned my Kamikaze cat preventing me from opening my upstairs windows. Today after fixing them I have had my bedroom windows open for the first time for many years! Thank you so much, the strength and quality are such that I trust their protection. My cat just enjoyed the fresh air but didn't touch the mesh.

SW Oxford

Hi Dominic many thank for door screen perfect as usual. Really happy. Devon Rex loves it she can be even more nosey than usual. Will be ordering again in future as I will be moving to France.

KM. Slough

Hi Dominic, well it’s been a few weeks since I fitted the three screens and I have to say, they’ve made such a difference to all our lives!  A great invention and I’ve shared your website with all who will listen! Thank you again.
WK. London W1F

Hi Dominic
Thanks for the new nets and all your help! Cats love them!
RN. London E17

Flat Cats Pet Screens keeping the lads happy in London E17

Hi Dominic, Just to let you know they arrived safe and sound and they are perfect!! Exactly what we needed. I will be in touch next month as we need another one for a different sized window. Thank you again it’s a brilliant product!!
FM. Bedminster, Bristol

Hi Dominic, Just wanted to say thanks so much for the speedy service. Did not expect the custom flat cat to arrive so quickly! It fits perfectly (bathroom window) and means I can now leave the window open to let the steam out without wondering if Abbey is going to make a run for it! Awesome product and I've been recommending you to all my friends with house cats!
Will be in touch if we decide to order a 3rd or even 4th flat cat! Kinds regards
BW and Abbey the cat x (Otley, West Yorkshire)

Dear Dominic, The delight of having the windows open...
Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and product. Delivery was extremely fast. We are all ready for the heatwave!
Very best wishes,
RA. London TW11

Flat Cats doing well in London TW11


Dear Dominic, The Flat cat screens duly arrived and have been installed.  
We are absolutely delighted with them in every way and will be ordering more in a couple of weeks when we return from holiday (when we can agree on measurements etc.!!).
Kind regards.
TM. Bembridge, Isle of Wight

Hi Dom, I recently purchased the double pack from you as we were moving house and obviously had to keep our little furry friend in for a while. Must say we are highly delighted with your product and they have been keeping our little Fizzy safe for around two weeks now.
She has tried to bite them and scratches to try and remove them, but hey ho she can’t.!!!!  She has now got used to them being there and sits there quite happily watching the world go by from her high, I am important position  in the bedroom windows. Thank you for such a fantastic product.  Will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone  who wants to keep little pussies safe.

Keep up the good work and I wish you every success with your brilliant invention. Kind regards
PG. Mansfield Nottinghamshire (and Fizzy) xx

Hi Dominic,

I have received the flat cats and in the process of fitting them. Thought you might like to see Claudia our cat enjoying the fresh air and watching the reason why I had to fit them (five very boisterous yard dogs!!).  Everything fitting perfectly.

WH. Quadring, Lincolnshire

Claudia enjoying the view through Flat Cats window screens

Hi Dominic, The Flat Cats arrived, thank you very much. A great invention! Regards
SB. Prestwood, Buckinghamshire

Thank you Dominic I recieved the Flat Cat yesterday. I installled it and it fit perfectly. Very happy with my purchase - it was exactly what I needed :-)
SL. Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia

Product received today, in place within 10 minutes, very happy with the product. Thanks for your services.
GM. Mountain Ash, Rhondda Cynon Taff 

Another Triumph from Flat Cats

Dear Dominic
Thank you once again for the fantastic flat cats window protection. As always my order arrived very promptly and was up in minutes as its such an easy to assemble product.On behalf of Amy and I, cant thank you enough for such a perfect service.

Here is the little lady herself enjoying a snooze in the sun porch and in the flat cat box too.
This just goes to show she loves all things flat cats, thank you.

AG. Lenzie, Glasgow

Amy having a little sleep, protected by Flat Cats Pet Screens


Dear Dominic,  They arrived yesterday and I have just finished fitting them.  A great product and just what I have been looking for!  I live in a three storey town house so can now look forward to allowing the fresh air in whilst keeping my three cats safe.  The added bonus is that they will keep out the wasps, of which I am petrified!! I will be recommending this product to my friends and neighbours.
AM. Middlewich, Cheshire

Thanks so much for the custom Flat Cats screen. It's a perfect fit and I can, at last, have my French doors open onto the balcony without fear of my cats escaping. Fidget, the ginger one, launched at the screen after this picture was taken, and climbed all the way to the top. 

Realising he couldn't get the screen to come off the frame, he dropped tome floor and gave up trying. He is sitting at the front window instead now, which has the Flat Cats I bought a few years ago. 

I will always recommend your amazing product and service to friends and family. Thanks so much again.
RL. Markham, Caerphilly

Cats in Caerphilly now safe with Flat Cats on the windows

Hi Dominic, Thanks for my flatcats arrived today all fitted and I'm so happy with them.
Will let you know when we do the next order. Thank you again for your support and great customer service.
SC. Walderslade, Kent

Wow, That's what I call service!
Our flat cat arrived today and was up within 10 minutes. Marley and Sadie are happily enjoying the breeze and watching my son play football in the garden. Thanks 
PD. Liverpool, Merseyside

Marley & Sadie in Liverpool enjoying their view with Flat Cats

Dear Dominic, I cant thank you enough for the flat cats window protector.Believe it or not we've been experiencing some sunny weather here in Scotland so little Amy enjoys nothing more than sitting by the window enjoying the breeze. And I can enjoy peace of mind shes not going to make a leap for it onto the busy road or equally worse get carried off by fantastic Mr Fox. I will most definitely be ordering some more of them and recommending them to any friends with indoor cats. Thank you for such an amazing service Kind regards
AG. Lenzie, Glasgow

Flat Cats at work in Bathgate, West Lenzie, Glasgow

Amy in Glasgow enjoying Flat Cats

Hi Dominic, All Screens present ,correct and fitted, Thank you once again for a wonderful service and correspondence, we are now considering having a couple of doors done ,but will be in touch about that later. Thanks once again.
DS. Eltham, London

Hi Dominic, As I have house cats, I ordered two of your screens. I received my two cat flats this morning. Within minutes I have them up and working to let in the warm air and birdsong, but not the bees!! - They are fantastic!! - I shall order more, although I have a small window in one room so will need to measure it before I contact you again. Thank you, thank you! Oh that I knew about this years ago!!
BB. Crawley West Sussex

I just wanted to say Thank you for my Flat Cats! My kitty can now enjoy the fresh air and I'm not worried about her jumping out of the window! I will be ordering more! Thank you!
KN. Walderslade, Kent

Flat Cats at work in Bathgate, West Walderslade, Kent

Thank you for the flat cats, it's just great. It fits perfectly on both windows.
DD. Bromley, Kent

My cats are enjoying having the windows and back door open now the sun is shining and I am happy in the knowledge that they are safe. Your product is great it does exactly what you say.
RB. New Malden, Surrey

Thank you so much dotty loves them hehe

AS Bathgate, West Lothian

Flat Cats at work in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland

Thank you for your excellent service, Flat Cats received and ready to fit. This will put my wife’s mind to rest as at the end of summer last year we had a cat come into our bedroom via the garage roof and she has refused to have the bedroom windows open at night ever since, but with Flat cats problem should be solved.
DG. Loughborough (March 2015)

I just wanted to let you know the Flat Cats arrived and have been installed.  They fit perfectly and I’m very very pleased, thank you. I would like to thank you again for being so helpful and kind with making these for me and my girls, Lola and Molly.  An absolutely fantastic service from beginning to end that I won’t hesitate to recommend to all my friends.
CH. Waterlooville, Hampshire (March 2015)

Thank you, we got it and it fits perfectly. the kittens love it too.
LP. London

Good Afternoon, My flat cats arrived earlier....all installed now and window is open, two of my cats are examining it as I type this, so I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thankyou and that I am very pleased with it, quality is far better than what I imagined and now we are all looking forward to a cool summer
KH. Burnley, Lancashire

Hi There, Just wanted to let you know that I have received and fitted my Flat Cats and to thank you once again for your excellent service and product.
GF. Newcastle upon Tyne

Thank you they love it! Kind Regards,
GH, Deal Kent (& Lola, Benji, and Cleo)

Flat Cats Window Protection at work in Deal Kent

Hello, I'm just writing to say THANK YOU! The item is arrived on Monday, and on Monday night we had the house check. The volunteer was very impressed (she asked where it was coming from so she can suggest it to other people) and agree  to let us adopt the kitten which will arrive today. Thank you for the fast service and the great item.    Ilaria, Stefano and Gismo the cat. 
IB. Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Fifi, with one of her custom made flat cats . Almost invisible, glad no other cats can get in either. I can still enjoy having door open in the summer too.

Great customer service and easy to put up and use when needing to open door and windows. Speedy delivery as I ordered before the summer rush. Very impressed with this product as I was at a loose end how to keep an indoor cat and still be able to open my windows .

AR. Potterne, Wiltshire

Flat Cats at work in Potterne Wiltshire

Dear Dominic, Thank you to you and all at Flat Cats for the very courteous, helpful and speedy service I received.

My cat screens are all now fitted and as you will see from the attached pictures Millie had a go to see if she could get out bit then decided to give it up as a bad job and now sits quite happily watching the world go by.

Once again, thank you very much, I now have peace of mind that come the warmer months the windows can be left open and  Millie is perfectly safe. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others.
TW. Leeds (And Millie)


Millie testing out Flat Cats in Leeds

Millie finds that Flat Cats window screens keep her safe in Leeds

My cats are very much enjoying the flat cats screen.
TL. Amsterdam

Flat Cats at word protecting cats in Kilburn, London

Hi Dominic, Sorry for late "thank you"!  The Flat Cat arrived safely last week, was fitted straight away & is absolutely perfect! So pleased, as we can now open the top window in the kittens room from time to time, safe in the knowledge that they can’t escape!  It has made our life so much easier, and we are very impressed with the quality of the product, and obviously your prompt & efficient service. Will highly recommend you at every opportunity :-) Many thanks again & kindest regards,
TW. Kidderminster, Worcestershire

Life got in the way for a while, as it sometimes does, but I finally got to set up my Flat Cat Screens. SO impressed - easy to put up, nearly invisible in use and the cats got used to them very quickly. Absolutely brilliant
SH. Derby, Derbyshire

The Flatcats door screen arrived this morning. 10 minutes later it was up and fitted!! My 3 Burmese cats (an energetic breed) were sitting enjoying the fresh air and working out how they could escape.  They prodded and pushed smelt and felt but then realised the screen was staying in place and so gave up and went about there cat  business.  So far a good result. Thank you for your help- easy to fit and a good product.  When my new windows are fitted I will place a further order. Will also tell friends about Flatcats.
RB. New Malden Surrey

Hi Dominic,
sorry not to have added my thanks to all those positive messages before now. The screens have been brilliant over the summer and completely live up to the claims for the product. I was prompted to add my thanks for the product and the service when a visitor ased me about the screens and where to get them. I was able to wholeheartedly recommend your product and gave your contact details. So thankyou for an excellent service and best wishes.
JB. London NW1

Hi Dominic, I did thank you when we got our Flat Cats, but feel I must get in touch again. Having the FCs in the hot summer we have had has made so much difference to us. The 2 kitchen ones ( room at front nearest drive to road) meant open windows,a cool room and no chance of our 2 cats getting out and the bedroom one (we are in a bungalow) stopped any muddy paws on bedding and no "presents" brought in. There is a cat flap at rear of bungalow for cats to go out.  So thanks again for excellent product..
RS. Wray, Lancaster

Thanks Dominic - my kitten sloth really enjoys watching the seagulls out of our window now. 
GL. Brighton, East Sussex

Sloth from Brighton enjoying the protection of Flat Cats

I do not know how to thank you! It has been the best service I have received in years! Thank you once again for being so nice!....I just forgot to mentioned that flat cats is a brilliant product! Very easy to fit ( I had more trouble to get right measurements :) It does its job perfectly. Thank you once again! 
AK. London NW3

Just to let you know they arrived this morning and they're brilliant - they fit perfectly! I was a bit worried that the boys might be able to claw them up at the corners but... they ain't going anywhere, are they :) Many thanks for such a quick and courteous service. I only wish I'd done this at the start of the summer and not the end... ;-)
LD. Catford, London

"It's the outside... but there's a thing... I don't get it... Mum?!?!?!?!" #catlogic

Speedy from Catford looking puzzled because he cant get out of the window

Hi Dominic, We received you nets and fixed them today. Absolutely brilliant!!! My cats seem to be very happy with them. "Innovative product", they say. I will let their breeder know about your product as well. Thank you very much.
NF. Kilburn, London

Flat Cats at word protecting cats in Kilburn, London


They are great. I can let the air in and they love to lay by the windows, feeling the outdoor smells. And I have peace of mind.
Brilliant! Thank you a LOT!
IC. Tadworth, Surrey

Many thanks for my most recent order from Flat Cats! It fits perfectly and now gives me more options with allowing my little cat onto the balcony. 
RA. Hammershith Grove, London

Just to let you know we are really please with the Flat Cats!
I have passed your details on to some of our staff members, who are interested in ordering.
Practice Manager. Vets in Beccles, Suffolk

Thanks Dominic, so far my cats haven't taken any notice of the screens, and they fit the windows perfectly, all we need now is some more nice weather, best wishes
FL. Leigh-On-Sea, Essex

Many thanks for a speedy delivery of the Flat Cat. It's just the job and fits perfectly
GM. Basildon, Essex

Hi Dominic, Flat Cats came today at 6pm, I put them up and were in use by 6.15pm. The Siamese is sitting with the wind blowing in his fur now :-). Thankyou for your help and excellent service .
AJ. Winsford, Cheshire

Just to say thanks for the prompt construction and delivery of our custom Flat Cat – all working well! Included are some action shots of our three exploring it for your archives
GS. Dublin, Ireland

Flat Cats at word protecting cats in Dublin, Ireland


Wow! All arrived (amazing fast delivery!)  just put first one up, brilliant product, will go back on website on weekend and leave review just wanted to say thanks for great service and product !!  
SK.. Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Flat Cats working in Lancing

I received my flat cat windows nets week and a half ago. They have been successfully fitted an serving their purpose. Thank u so much for u r brilliant product.

Good luck with your future business.

LA. Feltham, Middlesex

Cat Screens in Feltham, Middlesex

Hi, just wanted to say that your Flat Cats window screens have changed our lives and our cat’s too!  With the hot weather we couldn’t open our windows for fear of losing our house cat but we ordered two flat cats and quickly ordered two more.  Our cat, Issey-Padstow, loves to sit by the now open but protected window watching out and taking the air.  Brilliant product and nice friendly service.  Thank you.
AT. Twyford, Berkshire

Wow!! That was quick. Thank you so much. I’m so pleased with the Flat Cats. My daughter didn’t even notice I’d put them up. She remarked on how little the mesh affects the light throughput. Of course, and very importantly, the air flow through the windows/patio doors is still there. The kittens are now safe!!
MC. Cardiff, Wales

I cant thank you enough for the Flat Cats! They are such an excellent product.
I was very wary of using anything, as I really didnt believe that it would be secure enough to keep my very playful cats on the little did I know!
The service that you give is superb, the time to each customer, even when I made a mistake is second to none.
I know one friend who has also used your service, she also sings your praises!
Thank you, thank you...but mostly Willow & Spikey thank you!
DA. City of London, London

Thank you for this product! It has been unbearable having all the windows closed in this heat but now, as you can see, I get fresh air and Pugin gets to nose on the outside world!

It didn't take me long to put up or long for the cat to start enjoying it! You provide a great efficient service. 
MR. Sydenham, South London

Cat Screens in Sydenham, South London

Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond but I just wanted to say thank you for my recent screen. It’s made summer much easier and, as you can see, it’s very effectively doing its job! Thank you once again for your much appreciated service!
AW. Lodden, Norwich

Flat Cats at word protecting cats in Norwich

It's arrived and we have air! Thanx
JS. Plymouth, Devon

This is just a quick email to say thank you so much for the flat cat for my patio door! It was so easy to fit and did it in about 15 minutes! I can now have my door wide open knowing little Henry can't get out or hurt himself and as a bonus it stops the pesky flies getting in!
I also just wanted to add thank you for being so reassuring and kind while I was on the phone to you!

Fantastic service, fantastic product and fantastic delivery which got to me a day early!!
Definitely going to order one for every window as soon as I can!

Here's a picture of Henry enjoying the breeze :)

CE. Hull, Humberside

Cat Screens in Hull, Humberside

A couple of pix of Miss Daisy wishing she could get out! The pix with the house in the background is taken from an upstairs window.
Certainly the screens are doing their job.

Just waiting for her to investigate how to get out!
MW. Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Cat Screens in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Received flat cats pack yesterday fitted today. Perfect fit thanks
KF. Cinderford Gloucestershire

Just wanted to say a big thank you. My flat cats screen arrived yesterday and we set it up as soon as it arrived.

Both cats have been very curious but have been well behaved, only one instance of paws on the screen so far. Its made such a difference to the temperaure and stuffiness of our house, making it so much more comfortable for us humans and furry ones!

I'm attaching a pic so you can see them both having a good nosey. Thanks again for an amazing product.
KC. Chepstow, Monmouthshire

Cat Screens in Chepstow, Monmouthshire

Bella the cat from Romford enjoying Flat cats screens

Flat Cats hard at work for Sarah in Manchester

Flat Cats working in Ely Cambridgeshire

Flat Cats hard at work in Ely for Nichola

Flat Cats Window Screens in Chipping Sodbury

Flat Cats making an impression in Kingston Upon Thames

Flat Cats Boxes come in useful too

Flat Cats Window Screens in Reigate Surrey

Flat Cats Window Screens in Wokingham, Berkshire

Cat Screens in Bristol Avon

Flat Cats protection cats in Leicester

Flat Cats protection cats in Newton Abbot in Devon

Cat Screens in Bridgwater, Somerset

Flat Cats protection cats in London

Flat Cats protection cats in Basingstoke

Flat Cats protection cats in Forest Hill London

Flat Cats protection cats in London

Flat Cats protection cats in Warrington, Cheshire

Flat Cats protection cats in Central London

Flat Cats protection cats in stockport

Flat Cats in London SW12

Flat Cats in Looking after Pi and Neko

Flat Cats in Christchurch

Flat Cats in Poplar London

Flat Cats in use in Ramsgate

Flat Cats in use in Bromley

Flat Cats in use in Ramsgate

Flat Cats in use in Ramsgate

Flat Cats in use in London

Flat Cats in use in Hove

Flat Cats in use in London