What are Flat Cats

Flat Cats are a lightweight and effective method of allowing fresh air into your room while stopping your cat from falling out of a window by slipping on the window ledge, and possibly causing injury.

What are Flat Cats made from?
The Flat Cat mesh is pvc coated fibreglass netting, similar to that used in mosquito netting. Flat Cats are sized to suit most standard sized windows with a tailored border for extra strength.

How does that Flat Cat attach to the window frame?
No need to drill holes into your window frames! - The Flat Cat itself has a 5cm border of hook and loop fixings machined to the mesh and going all the way around.

The Flat Cat attaches to the window frame by using corresponding self adhesive fixings of 2cm width. Each Flat Cat is supplied with TWO sets of 2cm wide fixings to enable you to use a single set if you wish (if you have narrow window frames) or to double up with 4cm of fixings (2 sets of self adhesive fixings) if you wish to.

The Flat Cat is held on the window through the pushing together of the hook and loop fixings. Once fitted the Flat Cat can be applied and removed in seconds whenever you need it. Flat Cats are suitable for either wood or UPVC window frames.

Fitting a Flat Cat to your windows is really easy.

Are fitting instructions provided?
Yes, fitting instructions are provided with each Flat Cat. We estimate that it will take around 2-3 mins to fit a Flat Cat to your window - It really is that easy?

Can I use the same Flat Cat window protection on multiple windows in the house?
Yes - Bear in mind that each Flat Cat comes with 1 set of window attachments but you can buy extra sets from only £9.00 inc P&P and VAT from this site Our window fixings come in either Black or White so you can be sure that these window attachments will be as unobtrusive as possible. Click here to purchase packs of extra fixings.

Can I take the Flat Cat window protection down when it is not in use?
Of course, simply pull it from the window frame (The hook and loop attachments are designed to be used time after time), then roll the Flat Cat window mesh up and store till required again. The window attachments should be left in place.

I have white UPVC windows but in your slide show the window attachments are black.
Don't worry, we supply window fixings in both Black and White. Simply make your choice when buying online.

Do Flat Cats offer any other benefits?
Yes - If you have a home office you know how annoying it is when insects fly into your room, especially when you are working on your computer in the evening. Because the Flat Cat mesh has the same size apertures as mosquito nets it will stop nearly all insects from entering your room. You therefore can prevent flies, wasps, bees and even spiders getting in.

How do I check that my windows are the correct size for Flat Cats?
We have a special sheet to help you through this. Simply click here to visit our sizing page. From here you can download and print the chart. Armed with a tape measure, check the window in question to make sure that it is the correct size. If it is correct then you can buy online from this site.

If the window you wish to protect is not a standard size you can still have a Flat Cat. We have a "custom made" facility on this site where you can order any specific size. Click here to visit our custom made Flat Cats pages. Don't forget to use the Window Sizing Chart.

I have a question which is not answered here.
No problem - We are always delighted to hear from anyone regarding Flat Cats and you can contact us by either completing our online enquiry / question form or simply by giving us a call on (01526) 833660 - We really look forward to hearing from you.

The history of Flat Cats 


Dominic & Rachel Parker of Flat Cats

"I have owned cats for many years - Call me a worrier but I was always terrified about opening windows upstairs in case the cats walked out onto the window sill. I needed an effective way to keep the cats safe but allow me to open the windows and not to worry - so, I invented Flat Cats" - Dominic Parker - Inventor of Flat Cats

Hi, I'm Dominic Parker, the inventor of Flat Cats. For many years I worked from an office at home and my cats (Wilfred and Suzie) simply insisted on being in the same room as me, although they had the run of the whole house!

Getting hot and bothered in my home Office

When I was living in London, I used a bedroom for my office and the room was facing south. In the summer, the room warmed up a lot and, with my computers producing even more heat, I really needed to open the windows. Unfortunately, my desk met exactly with the window sill and the cats loved to lie down and sunbathe on the desk while I was working. The problem was that if I opened the windows, the Cats were in a straight line and threatened to take a walk along the edge of the window.

Okay, I'm a little paranoid about the safety of my cats.

I know cats have excellent balance but I was just terrified about them falling so rather than run the risk I only opened the windows a crack to try and let some air in and to keep the cats from getting out. Eventually hot and frustrated I decided that there must be another way.

Searching for the solution.

Over the next few months I tried a number of different things to achieve the result I needed. The problem I had was that no matter what I thought of, getting hold of the materials to make it was a real problem. I tried everything from plastic garden mesh (simply because it was available off the roll at the garden centre) to pvc coated wire mesh, again available from the garden centre. I managed to make some of these work but with UPVC windows the problem I kept coming back to was that in order to make any of these prototypes really effective I would have to drill holes in the window frames, and I really didn't want to do that.

3 years in the making -

It eventually took 3 years and many different prototypes to finally come up with Flat Cats. Even when I had settled on the materials to use I discovered that buying small quantities was nearly as hard as finding the materials in the first place. The first real Flat Cat cost me around £75 in materials alone and, as you would guess, I didn't have much use for all the surplus materials that I had been forced to purchase.

It dawned on me however that other people must have the same difficulty, or was it just me being paranoid about my cats? Searching through the internet I found that not only were there a lot of people with the same problem (cat safety vs an overheated house) but there did not seem to be an existing solution available.

In 2005 I spent a year living in a second floor flat. With its large south facing windows, boy was I glad that I had spent the money on building a Flat Cat. I managed to stay cool (or cooler than I was before) and the cats were very happy and safe. They actually seemed to take up residence at the window, getting all the smells from outside and toasting themselves in the sun at the same time.

If you have any comments or questions then I am always happy to hear from you so please feel free to complete our Online form or email me personally at info@flat-cats.co.uk. I monitor the emails myself and will reply to you personally.

Flat Cats enable you to open your windows and, just as important, mean you can stop worrying about the cats safety. They really worked well for me and I hope that they do the same for you - Best wishes - Dominic

If you have any questions at all regarding this product please do not hesitate to contact me at info@flat-cats.co.uk or call me on 01526 833660


Thank you so much for the swift delivery of the three screens for my Mum. I fitted them quite quickly yesterday and she's thrilled! Her cat, Bertie, is not particularly interested, which is great. We'll see if that changes. We may well be getting in touch for more, as her bungalow gets very hot when the sun shines, and she can't open windows for fear of the cat climbing out. Your screens are a godsend. Excellent service, and it looks like the product is pretty good too, at this stage....thank you. 

GS. Plymouth

Dear Dominic, Thank you so much for all your help with my order for the cat screens and thank you for sending them so promptly! They work WONDERFULLY and serve a double purpose keeping my cats IN and any flying insects OUT...don't know how we would have managed because with this lovely hot weather we have to have the windows open! My curious escape artist 12 year old cat Sophie has sniffed around and examined them but found no way to escape...thank goodness! Kind regards, Liz

LN. Winterbourne, Avon

Thanks for latest Flat Cat. this is just what we needed to our bedroom window [in bungalow ] to stop cats getting mud etc. on bedding and also to stop them bringing in "presents" for us. Thanks again. 

RS. Lancaster, Lancashire 

Hi Dominic, We would just like to thank you for providing us with the Flat Cats for our double conservatory door. They arrived this week and they are fantastic!! Our cats seem more content as they have fresh air. As you know this is the second time we have purchased your Flat Cats. Our two old 17 year old cats love them and it has really helped cool the hot conservatory. The first time was at a previous address about 9 years ago. They are very easy to fit and install. I would have no hesitation in recommending your Flat Cats. Great product and exceptional service! 

Martin & Anne Pickering, Ludlow, Shropshire 

Hi Dominic, Just to say thank-you for the prompt delivery of the screen for our back door. We put it up straight away and we are all feeling the benefits of having the door open and knowing that Rocky is safe. The instructions were fantastic and we had it up and in use within minutes. 

Thanks again, it's so refreshing to have a company that can custom make something and deliver it promptly ! Thanks again 

BK. London EC3N (and Rocky)

Hi Dominic, just to say a big Thank You for sorting out my order so quickly. Got them at work today and my first window is done. It was so easy to fit, and it's just lovely having the kitchen window finally open! My cat, Mickey, has been sitting on the sill getting some air. Have already recommended them to a friend.Brilliant idea, thank you again.
LD. Carshalton Surrey

I have had flat cats from you a few years ago, and have now moved so have had to re order, so I can't wait! I've even told my new neighbour about them as they have said they would live to open their windows and never knew about them, so when I get them, I'm going to show them and they can order. I need to order a few more as well. But thank you as always for your quick service 
LB. Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Hi Dominic, I've had my Flat Cat for nearly a month now and I couldn't express how wonderful your product is.  Since putting up the screen on the day I received it, my worries of Muffin's paws being injured while resting them in the window frame instantly disappeared.  Now, I can even look forward to keeping my windows open at night in the coming summer months :-) Thank you so, so much.
CK. Edinburgh

Hi Dominic, Just a quick email to say thank you for the made-to-measure door cover.I finally managed to get around to fitting it fully today. It is a perfect fit and works exactly as hoped. I am sure the cats are not as impressed but we are delighted with it. Thank you once again; kindest regards
SW. West Kirby, Wirral