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Special Offers from Flat cats

Sometimes we do get the sizing wrong, sometimes our customers get it wrong. So, as a consequence, we have a few custom Flat Cats, totally perfect in every way but unwanted and looking for a good home.

They are all prices significantly below the normal website price so if, by chance, you have a window size that matches any, why not pick up a bargain.

Each one listed below costs either £16.80 inc vat and postage or £23.99 inc vat and postage and comes complete with all the fixings you need, just like a normal Flat Cat.

The measurements below represent the A & D measurements (maximum width and height) of the window measurements. If in doubt please use our sizing guide to check your window size.

If you have any questions please check our Q&A page here or message us here or use the chat facility bottom right or simply call Dominic on 01526 833660.  

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