Sizing windows

Sizing your windows for Flat Cats

Flat Cats are available in the following sizes:

1) Standard Small (60cm x 93cm)

2) Standard (60cm x 100cm)

3) Standard (60cm x 105cm)

4) Standard (60cm x 110cm)

5) Standard (60cm x 115cm)

6) Standard (60cm x 120cm)

7) Standard (60cm x 125cm)

6) Custom Made Top Openers - Width + Height up to 130cm

7) Custom Made (all other sizes of windows)

8) Door Screens (any height of door and up to 168cm wide)

It is important to know which Flat cat is best for your window to ensure a good fit. To help you with this we have produced an easy to use sizing chart which you can print and complete. This will tell you, straight away, if the window in question needs a standard, custom or any other Flat Cat screen.

Click here to download our sizing chart

Click here to download the help sheet / sizing chart (will open in a new window)

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When you have decided which Flat Cat is right for you then use the links just below the video above to go to the correct page for the Flat cat you require

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